Short courses that will boost your skills, creativity and career

How to Make a Book

This 10-week, hands-on course is designed to enable students to explore different book structures and learn how to produce books on their own. The course covers simple to complex handmade books, self-published books, e-books and modern commercial publishing.

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Learn Photoshop

In this 10-week course you will learn Photoshop tools and techniques. The course covers tools, layers, composite images, retouching, filters, mask, type and much more. Students apply the skills they learn in a variety of projects which can include collages, Instagram posts, memes, gifs and even weird animals.

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Facebook Training

In this 10-week training program learn how creative works with media buying on Facebook and Instagram. We will go through the various ad types offered, the marketing funnel, audience segmentation, analytics, and how good creative brings all of those things together.

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