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With “cameras” in nearly everyone’s pocket, there are more “photographers” than ever. You, however, post fewer pictures than most. You care about the little things like styling and lighting. You take dozens of shots in hopes of getting that one perfect frame. You spend hours cropping and editing before you deem a photo worthy of putting it out there. Photography is your passion, Make it your career.

Application Deadline: February 24th, 2020


Photographers are picture-makers, not picture-takers. They create the images we pin, post and share. Visions that the rest of us try to mimic every time we slap a filter on hastily-taken selfie. They are immersed in the ever-evolving technology of their craft, but know that the latest gadgets are tools and nothing more. A visionary by definition, a photographer needs to be as much of a storyteller as any writer. Their tales are told with light and shadow, color and texture. They capture perfect moments in time with sublime composition, whether shot on the latest digital Hasselblad or a 2-year-old iPhone 6.

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Kristin Tidwell
Admissions Coordinator
Student Work
Details & Dates
What kind of background do I need to have?
Our students are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Are you a lawyer who is bursting with creativity and needs to get out of that large law firm? Did you just graduate with a 4-year degree and realize that you really need a portfolio to get your dream job? Have you always been creative and wanted a career rather than be a starving artist? Then this school is for you!
How long is the program and what are the application deadlines?

This is a two year (eight quarter) diploma program with the primary purpose of developing a professional portfolio through classes and real-world experience to gain the skills needed for an entry level position in advertising. Each quarter is 10 weeks in length with an additional studio/critique week to finalize your projects for the final evaluation and exhibit. Your training covers everything you need to know for a career as an art director. Courses are practical. Instructors are all top advertising professionals: art directors, creative directors, videographers… They teach you the skills they use everyday at the agencies where they work.


  • Spring- February 24th, 2020 – Classes Start April 6, 2020
  • Summer- May 25th, 2020 – Classes Start June 6, 2020
  • Winter- August 24th, 2020 – Classes Start October 5, 2020
What are some of the courses I'll take?
No tests. No books. You learn by doing. Your instructors are all industry professionals who teach you what they do everyday at their jobs at the top agencies in Atlanta. All of your courses are practical and will help you develop a portfolio which is what you need to get a job as an art director. Here are some of the courses in the art direction program.

VIDEO STORYTELLING: An introduction to the camera (DSLR), software (Adobe Premiere & After Effects), and workflow of video production. The student will produce short films of both the narrative and expository form and acquire a familiarity with common production techniques (e.g., green screen, stop motion, keyframe animation). Students are required to produce several projects which are suitable for submission to video contests, but exercise materials are provided to the students to guarantee sufficient time is spent with the software so they gain the skill and confidence with the post production process.

LIGHT STALKERS: The fundamentals of studio lights: the use of trellises, reflectors, soft and hard lights.

Shooting in a variety of locations, indoors and outdoors. How to control light when you can’t control light. Digital advantages and disadvantages.

DOCUMENTARY: Using the contrasting environments of sea, swamp and mountains, students will learn to tell a story through their photography.

Is there an amazing internship program?
We have an unbelievable internship program. Students can spend the second half of their two year program studying and interning in up to four other cities where we have programs. Through partnerships the school has with agencies all over the world, students can get hands-on experience and build their network of industry contacts at companies including Ogivly, BBDO, R/GA, Facebook, Y&R, Saatchi, Droga5 and BBH.
What are the starting salaries?
Average starting salaries run from $40,000 to $60,000. Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center has a rigorous job placement program. After graduation attend Portfolio Review where you can expect a dozen interviews in a day. Graduates have the opportunity to attend school sponsored Portfolio Reviews in New York, San Francisco, Miami and Atlanta. Our Job Leads for Life program supplies our graduates with a continuous source of job leads. Hundreds of companies contact us each year looking for creative talent from all skill levels. We are a resource for our grads throughout their careers.
How do I tell Mom and Dad?
Remind them that one day you might have to take care of them, which will be much easier to do if you’re directing commercials for Coca-Cola or branding Nike’s new product line than it will be if you end up chucking your soul-sucking middle-management job to make pottery.
What is tuition?
Tuition for each quarter is $4,850 per quarter/ $19,400 a year/ $38,800 total tuition cost for the 2-year program. Tuition is based on the quarter system. It takes eight quarters (24 months) for completion of the art direction program. Financial aid is available for U.S. Citizens.
Gainful Employment
Federal regulations require colleges and universities to report information about the success of students who enroll in educational programs that lead to gainful employment in recognized fields.




The gainful employment information posted at the links below is in compliance with U.S. Department of Education requirements, and in a format prescribed and provided by that agency. Content includes general program information, estimated costs, on-time completion rates, placement rates, median debt at the time of program completion, and related occupational information.

Your education is an important and substantial investment in your future. That’s why we want you to have comprehensive and specific information about our programs so that you can determine what’s best for you and your career goals.

Included Information:

  • Total tuition and fees for the program, including estimated book and supply costs and estimated costs of off-campus room and board.
  • Graduate Placement Information.
  • Median debt concerning the program, broken down by financing type.
  • The names of the occupations for which the program prepares students, accompanied by links to a federal government site which contains occupational profiles and potential income, sometime after graduation (we do not guarantee placement or salary).

Photography Gainful Employment

Application Deadline: January 27th

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