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Are you inquisitive, intuitive, logical and creative? Do you like researching the answers to problems? Do you approach life strategically? If this sounds like you, you’re probably an account planner.

Application Deadline: February 24, 2020


Planners conduct research to help demystify the consumer and find insights. Then, an account planner takes all that info and pulls it apart into a million pieces. The pieces then come together into a brief for creative ideas. Their research is then used to launch a campaign that solves the client’s problem and focuses on their target market.
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What kind of background do I need to have?
Our students are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Are you a lawyer who is bursting with creativity and needs to get out of that large law firm? Did you just graduate with a 4-year degree and realize that you really need a new set of skills to get your dream job? Have you always been creative and wanted a career rather than be a starving artist? Then this school is for you!
How long is the program and what are the application deadlines?

In 12 mind-expanding weeks you’ll learn to understand and analyze data, develop insights and write creative briefs. You’ll be partnered with an art director and a copywriter. Your team will develop campaigns based off of your insights. The strategic planning boot camp culminates with a real project presented pitch-style to the client.

Each week your instructor will be a different strategic expert. A dozen planning directors from top agencies like The Barbarian Group, Google, Droga5 and Ogilvy take you through 3-day sessions that cover different aspects of account planning.

In the final week of the boot camp visit a variety agencies and meet with planning directors. See first hand the different types of planning environments. You’ll meet the people in the strategy departments and increase your network of industry contacts.

The strategic planning boot camp is a 3 month, 12-week program.


  • Spring- February 24th, 2020 – Classes Start April 6, 2020
  • Summer- May 25th, 2020 – Classes Start June 6, 2020
  • Winter- August 24th, 2020 – Classes Start October 5, 2020

*The strategic planning boot camp is a 3 month, 12-week program. Strategic planning students take 5 lecture/critique/demonstration classes each week, each class is 3 hours long. This program is a total of 15 total credit hours, 300 clock hours. Schedules are set by the registrar and can not be modified.

What are some of the courses I'll take?
No tests. No books. You learn by doing. Your instructors are all industry professionals who teach you what they do everyday at their jobs at the top agencies in Atlanta. All of your courses are practical and will help you develop the skills to get a job as a strategist. Here are some of the courses in the account planning boot camp.

THE PITCH: Throughout the quarter, planners will have the opportunity to work with several different art director/copywriter teams to develop ad concepts from a brief developed by the account planner. Develop the variety of skills you need to work with creatives.

UNDERSTANDING THE ISSUE: A planner’s first job is to ask the right questions. Winning strategies come from rigorous consumer/market analysis. Examine the role of desk and ad hoc research while learning how to develop the six-step sequence strategic foundation. Define the role of advertising and which models apply.

BRIEF WRITING & BRIEFING: Briefing is the tool to unleashing the creative forces of the art director/copywriter team and the creative director. The briefing must inform, but more importantly the briefing must inspire. Learn how to write a good brief, discriminate between good and bad briefs, and present a brief well.

MEASURING IMPACT: Analyze conventional and unconventional ways of effectiveness and create systems that translate campaigns into measurable business value. Learn how analytics professionals capture data and signals generated by paid, owned and earned activity in order to inform, evaluate and optimize campaigns.

Is there a job placement program?
Graduates have the opportunity to attend portfolio review and interview with multiple agencies. Miami Ad School also supplies graduates with job leads throughout their career.

At the end of the strategy boot camp, students will spend an intensive week visiting the strategy departments in advertising agencies and companies. The representatives will inform the students on their company’s philosophy, culture and give insight into their social media department.

What is tuition?
Tuition is $10,000 total for the 12-week program. Financial aid is available for US Citizens.
Application Deadline: August 27, 2018

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