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Create and conceive the impossible every day. Work with seasoned professionals. Get real-world experience. Become a storyteller, collaborator, innovator and strategist. We live in a world that changes at the speed of light and desperately needs dynamic, creative individuals to chronicle the adventures. Welcome to your future. Explore.

Art Direction

Do you manage your Instagram feed like the photo editor of Vogue or National Geographic? Are there more receipts crammed in your wallet from the local arts and crafts store than from supermarket down the street? Do you arrange the icons on your phone by color and style? You do? It sure sounds like you could be an art director.

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Are you always looking for the perfect word? Have you been known to say things like, “We’d better skedaddle” in casual conversation? do you “facepalm” every time you hear the word “irregardless”? Do you annoy people by quoting dialog from 10-year old movies verbatim? Really? Well, you could have the makings of a copywriter.

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Are the books on your shelves arranged by size and color as well as subject matter? Does careless kerning give you a headache? Do “Papyrus” or “Comic Sans” give you an honest-to-goodness allergic reaction? Do you practice Feng Shui in your eternal quest for interior and inner peace? Well, let us be the ones to break it to you: you’re very likely a graphic designer.

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Account Planning

Strategic planners are logical, creative, inquisitive and intuitive. Planners find insight through research to help demystify the consumer. After conducting focus groups, man-on-the-street interviews and surveys, an account planner takes that info and pulls it apart into a million pieces. Then they put it all back together writing a brief the creatives can use to concept ideas. At the end, their direction results in a campaign that hits the target market and is not only funny, wistful or entertaining but is strategically sound and solves the client’s problem.

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With “cameras” in nearly everyone’s pocket, there are more “photographers” than ever. You, however, post fewer pictures than most. You care about the little things like styling and lighting. You take dozens of shots in hopes of getting that one perfect frame. You spend hours cropping and editing before you deem a photo worthy of putting it out there. Photography is your passion, Make it your career.

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Social Media

Are you a master at social platforms? Are you the go-to person to explain Snapchat to your friends and family? Do you spend more time on Facebook and Twitter then you probably should? Do you artfully create posts on Instagram for maximum likes and create your own content? You should be a social media strategist.

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