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Throw yourself into your first paragraph. Make it perfect. Play your favorite Mozart concerto as loud as possible. Choose every word carefully. Make every sentence magnificent. Transitions smooth and clever. Have another glass of red wine. Go back to the keyboard in a fervor. Let your fingers fly. Forget spellcheck for the moment, just keep hitting those keys as fast as the ideas pop up in your wired brain. Leave nothing to chance. Take no calls. Take no texts. Doing your best in copywriting courses requires a combination of laser-like focus and reckless abandon. This is your story and its just what the world has been waiting for!

Take things easier on the second paragraph. Change your music from Mozart to Uncle Murda. Relax. No Hurry. Take your pal to the dog park. Chat a bit with the old lady about her Golden Labradoodle. Accept her offer for a whiff of what she called “ganja.” Stroll back to your condo. Open your laptop. Write a few more lines. Turn on the TV. Binge on a few episodes of SNL on Hulu. Write a few more lines. Look for a Bundesliga game. Before you know it, morning has come to your bedroom.

Your third and fourth and fifth and sixth paragraphs follow pretty much the same routine. In fact, they blur. Your whole day blurs. You try (don’t try too hard) to make the sentences flow from one to the other. And, by now you have no more lofty works in you. All you have left are simple words. A lot of Anglo-Saxon words in fact. “Well, whatever,” you say. Time to print it and hustle. Your copywriting courses await.

When it’s your turn to show your work to the class on the video monitor, I will take over. First thing I do will be to delete your entire first paragraph. I’ll shake my head and perhaps do a “tsk, tsk tsk.” Same thing with the second paragraph, along with another “tsk, tsk.”

But, with the third paragraph, I might shout “EUREKA!” (just to show off). Perfect. Perfect way to begin. Then I’ll dispense with the fourth and fifth paragraphs. I will scratch out your terrible headline, and move the last line of your sixth paragraph to replace your headline. “Wunderschoen!!” The class applauds and I tell you, “This is a Clio winner, for sure.” I take a bite from the Lindt Hauch Dunn Orange and Milk Chocolate bar brought to me by a student as penance for being late.

“Who’s next?”

Ron Seichrist is the Founder of Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center. He is the “mentor of all mentors” and in his 40-plus years of advertising education has probably taught more copywriters than any other single individual in the world. Check out the work of some recent graduates of our copywriting courses: Imen Soltani • Copywriter @ TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Sahar Sehgaal • Creative @ J. Walter Thompson Worldwide and Lis Mery Ramirez • Copywriter at DDB New York. Read more about the work featured in the image above by Miami Ad School graduate and “Most Awarded Student Copywriter Ever” Soham Chatterjee.

The answer to becoming a copywriter is simple: Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center. Apply Now! or Learn How to Apply.

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