Become Who You’re Meant To Be

You’re creative. You’re different. You dream of what could be.
You don’t see the world like most people. As a kid, you saw shapes of dogs, birds, monsters—while your friends saw only fluffy clouds. Sometimes being different made you feel cursed when, really, you’re blessed. It’s the creative minds that saw new things, invented tools, made discoveries. Since the dawn of history, it’s dreamers who’ve changed the world.

So, yes, you’re creative. You’re a dreamer. You’re resourceful. Because you found us, right? You did some research and asked around. Then, likely someone in the industry suggested you Google “Top Design Schools” to find Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center, one of the leading advertising and design schools in the world. In fact, we’re a worldwide network of advertising and design schools.

Students can study or intern in design and advertising capitals in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia. At Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center you’ll learn the skills. Then we provide the real-world experience and the network of connections you’ll need to get your career going fast.

But, while we’re known as both an advertising and design school, what we really are is an idea school. We’ll help you cultivate your quirks and inform your sensibilities so you can bring your vision to life. Graphic designer, art director, copywriter, filmmaker, photographer, strategist, storyteller—whatever you wind up calling yourself, the world will call you an IDEA GENIUS!

Getting paid for ideas. Imagine that.

Start Your Creative Career


“Portfolio Center is a creative laboratory of professional, dedicated and prolific students who have a deep understanding of what it takes to compete in our industry. The level of work they produce year after year is a true testament to the quality of leadership that is provided to them in the classroom.”

Arem Duplessis



Our graduates get jobs at advertising agencies, design firms, brands and social media companies.


It's all happening right here at Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center.

Advice to Aspiring Copywriters

Want to learn how to become a copywriter? Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center has been cranking out great writers for four decades. Throw yourself into your first paragraph. Make it perfect. Play your favorite Mozart concerto as loud as possible. Choose every word...

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