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Time Burning at PC

Moving through the creative process can seem insurmountable. When it comes to embracing the creative process, Emily Kemp, a design student, does so without hesitation. There is no better example then in her split-second decision to hop on a plane to meet designer,...

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PC designs new Flux-Capacitors

This is our 4th post. Hello, hello, anybody home? Think, McFly, think. I gotta have time to recopy it. Do your realize what would happen if I hand in my homework in your handwriting? I'd get kicked out of school. You wouldn't want that to happen would you, would you?...

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Biff makes a Comeback

This is a third test post. Uh, well, okay Biff, uh, I'll finish that on up tonight and I'll bring it over first thing tomorrow morning. What's that thing he's on? You wait and see, Mr. Caruthers, I will be mayor and I'll be the most powerful mayor in the history of...

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