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Portfolio Center is the original portfolio school for art direction, copywriting, graphic design and photography.

Founded by Ron Seichrist in 1978, Portfolio Center was the first of its kind. The institution created and defined the concept of the portfolio school as an immersive experience that replicates the creative professional environment. Now, as part of the Miami Ad School network—Ron’s other brainchild—Portfolio Center students can start their creative education in Atlanta and study or intern in up to four additional cities around the globe.

Graduates enter the job market with real-world experience and a network of industry contacts. With Miami Ad School’s placement assistance paving the way, Portfolio Center grads are ready and skilled to start their first creative job. Our graduates work for the most successful firms, agencies and corporations on the planet, spanning six continents. Start your creative career now.

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“Portfolio Center is a creative laboratory of professional, dedicated and prolific students who have a deep understanding of what it takes to compete in our industry. The level of work they produce year after year is a true testament to the quality of leadership that is provided to them in the classroom.”

Arem Duplessis



Our graduates get jobs at advertising agencies, design firms, brands and social media companies.


It's all happening right here at Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center.

12 Weeks in Atlanta to Change Your Social Media World Forever

It’s time to take your social media future to the next level. Miami Ad School Atlanta @ Portfolio Center’s Boot Camp for Social Media starts July 3rd, and the application deadline is just one month away. Here are the classes and experiences you can look forward to....

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54K Social Media Jobs Are Available On LinkedIn Right Now

That’s 53,982 jobs as of this posting, to be precise. Back in January of this year, the number of social media jobs listed was just under 38K. That amount seemed really impressive. Today's nearly 54,000 is staggering—an increase of over 40% in just three months! Even...

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#StriptheFur and Stand Against Animal Cruelty

It is one of the core beliefs of Miami Ad School that creativity can change the world. As one of our graduates—Google’s Esty Gorman—so succinctly put it, “We are in the business of behavior change.” Creative captivating communication has real power. With it we can...

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